Stokes Charity Donations

Stokes cares about the communities it serves. Each time you shop at a Stokes store, the money you spend stays in your community. Over the decades, Stokes has made substantial contributions to our community and we promise our continued support, whenever possible, to help our neighbors and community partners.

Stokes has three key giving areas: 1) feeding the hungry, 2) encouraging healthy eating, activity & lifestyles, 3) the education of children. Stokes is happy to receive requests from various community events and organizations related to our giving areas. To request a donation please fill out the Community Involvement Request form below. Please keep in mind we need to receive this request at least ten business days in advance.

We wish we could support all requests we receive, however, there are several types of requests that Stokes is unable to accommodate. They include:

Solicitation on our property. We do not permit selling cookies, candy, flowers, etc. of any kind on our property by any organization for any purpose. If you are interested in selling a product on our shelves, please click here. We can, however, consider a donation for organizations and events that align with our key giving areas. Requests from individuals for support of personal endeavors, this includes pageants, travel expenses for education or extracurricular activities, scholarships and more. We do, however, give generously to agencies that help individuals. Request for College scholarships. Our support of education is through our School Cents program which has provided millions of dollars to local schools. Requests from faith-based agencies for religious purposes; however we will consider requests made by faith based organizations for humanitarian aid, such as food for people in need. Professional development seminars and conferences or employee recognition events. Charitable fundraising efforts of other businesses. Political contributions. Any organization outside the areas in which our stores operate. Please submit your request to one location; all duplicate requests will be removed.

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Organizations We Support

Each year Stokes donates thousands of dollars to our charitable partners. We are grateful, that with your support, we can give back to those in need. Our icon drives with Make-A- Wish and MDA thrive, thanks to your generosity. Stokes understands your desire to help your community and we make sure your donations stay local to your Stokes store.


Muscular Dystrophy Association